Septiembre, 2017

02Sep(Sep 2)00:0006(Sep 6)00:00The I Ching as guides of the program of self development ( English -Russian )Kazakhstan Organizador: Ilana Zaripova Tipo de Curso:Internacional,Kazakhstan - Juan Li


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The I Ching is ordinarily known as an oracle book through which we can obtain answers to questions we pose. This is what is known as the “open book” available to anyone. In this retreat we focus on the “closed book” consisting of the sequence and advice to develop what the I Ching calls, “the superior person” or level of individuality.
The authors of the I Ching taught that humans go through 64 stages in the path of self-development. The 64 stages encompass every level from beginner to realizing our true nature.

The study of the I Ching offers us a structure of personal evolution with everything that is necessary at every stage of the path. In addition, the sequence of the 64 hexagrams gives us the right order in which the different practices are done and the level of consciousness that needs to be attained. There is one advice from the Daoist ancestors that stands above all others, and that is to never improvise in the journey of self development; to seek advice from a source of superior wisdom and attainment.

The study of the I Ching sets in motion the gradual process of going beyond our mental barriers, limiting beliefs and unconscious tendencies preventing the full development of the three cauldrons. The result is an unlimited perspective from which everything is possible. Our attitude combined with the right motivation sets the basis for the blooming of a universal conscience arising from our true nature.

In this retreat we learn:

  • The eight fundamental attitudes required for the process of personal evolution
  • How to tap the advice of the I Ching before using the written text
  • The seven stages of structural change
  • The practices which correspond to the seven stages of change
  • How to structure questions using the I Ching
  • The annual energy program suggested by the I Ching


2 (Sabado) 00:00 - 6 (Miercoles) 00:00




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