Agosto, 2018

16Ago(Ago 16)15:0019(Ago 19)19:00MEMORY NEI KUNG: STRENGTHENING THE BONE, SPINAL AND CEREBRAL MARROWMassachusetts-USA Organizador: Tao Sharon Tipo de Curso:Internacional,New York - Juan Li


The Microcosmic Orbit


Sharon Smith,


Detalles del curso

Memory Nei Kung: Strengthening the bone, spinal and cerebral marrow, with teacher Juan Li

Memory loss is not only a brain phenomena. Behind all brain functions is the mind as the sum total of all habits, tendencies and decisions made at the personal and family level.

Sometimes in our family history decisions have been made of forgetting unpleasant or painful situations, traumatic experiences or reject anything which doesn’t correspond with our idea of how we believe we are. All imbalances begin at the level of the mind with the decisions we make, which in time, can become key factors in memory loss.

In Daoist medicine, all functions associated with short-term memory are under the administration of the kidneys. They also administer everything that is within bone such as bone marrow, spinal marrow and brain marrow. Long-term memory is under the administration of the heart. Ultimately, the kidneys and the heart are under the control of the Inner Guide who holds the entire life-plan.


In this workshop we learn:

  • Some of the emotional causes behind memory loss
  • Energy techniques to empower memory taking into account the inherited emotional patters
  • Practices to heal the causes of forgetting which begin with forgetting who we are and why we are here
  • Exercises to energize the hemispheres of the brain and stimulate regeneration
  • Mantras to stimulate the kidney functions



16 (Jueves) 15:00 - 19 (Domingo) 19:00




Tao SharonSharon Smith,

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