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As the process of change accelerates and structures breakdown, all living organisms come under tremendous stress trying to survive. It is estimated that by the end of this century half of all living species on the planet will disappear. The last fifty years have witnessed a rapid deterioration of human health and the appearance of numerous illnesses which were not present as close as sixty years ago. Increasingly we are coming across family and friends affected with serious illnesses and not knowing what to do.
All of us are being faced with the need to know very clearly how to structure a healing program either for ourselves or people close to us. Even better would be knowing how to maintain good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, not only for personal benefit, but also for those around us who urgently need it.

The How to Heal Program consists of a sequence of essential factors to take into account in designing any healing strategy. One often finds with practitioners that have been working with energy practices for many years, the inability to structure a sequence for healing, despite having everything needed to do so. To apply what one has learned is a totally different stage from simply sitting down to do one’s practices.

The How to Heal Program is being presented to provide a clear sequence of the essential factors needed to heal the causes, not just the symptoms of illness. A recurring problem is the belief that every illness has a different cause and a different remedy. A cancer is viewed as being different from problems with the bones or having a difficult relation with one’s parents. In this first cauldron era, healing illness is viewed as being disconnected from the way one lives and relates to oneself and others. Getting rid of the symptom is desperately sought to continue doing exactly the same things which brought about the illness.

As we face the increasing complexity of our interdependent world, the world is calling out to us, to learn simple and efficient ways of healing the causes of illness. The true wealth of this era resides in knowing the causes of illness and having the ability to prevent it; knowing the causes of suffering and knowing how to alleviate it, and knowing the causes of happiness and wellbeing and knowing how to increase it.

In this important class we learn:
-The two basic skills we all need to have in times of rapid change are:
1-How to prevent illness
2-How to carry out an effective healing program once illness has appeared:
-The 9 essential factors for good health
-The basic sequence to follow in any healing program
-The basic nutrition for preventing and healing illness
-The essential practices a daily healing practice program needs to have
This class is not based on learning more new techniques, but rather on learning how to structure what we already know



15 (Viernes) 00:00 - 19 (Martes) 00:00


Amsterdam - Holanda

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