Nutrition is defined by the I Ching not only in terms of solid food but also in the quality of thoughts we cultivate in our lives, the emotions we nurture, the company we choose to keep and the ideas we allow to seed in our minds.

The nourishment we take can help or hinder our progress. Our mind is like a mirror reflecting what is taking place in the totality of our organism. The wrong foods can generate states of mind which do not support what we are doing.

At this level we learn to choose properly, in every sense, through cultivating discernment and greater self-love.

One of the teachings concerning nutrition in the I Ching is that we need to be extremely flexible in working with nourishment. This is not a stage where we follow strict rules based solely on information we have heard, as the risk of rigidity and intolerance is very high. The challenge is to develop discernment based on perceiving with Original Mind the qualities of the moment and what is presented.

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