pakua5elemThe I Ching Dao system is a program of personal development based on the Daoist teacings. It uses the I Ching, a classic of the ancient Chinese Culture, as a guide to the various stages of self-development.

The program of I Ching Dao is divided in five levels, which allows the practitioner to get familiarized little by little with the physical body, the energetic body, the emotional body and the mental body in order to gradually access to the state of origin, which is called, in the Daoist system: “The Original Mind” or the “Body of the Dao”.

The various energetic techniques of the five levels will eliminate progressively the obstacles, from the physical level, to the more subtle levels, thanks to a working sequence adapted to the requirements of daily life.

The numerous disciplines that form part of the I Ching Dao build a structure like a “tree of practices”. In the trunk are found the techniques of concentration and meditation essential in order to develop the potential of the individual consciousness. The branches are supporting energetic techniques, that refine the individual consciousness, for example : massage, right nutrition, sequences of physical movements like Tai Chi or Qi Gong, dream practices, practice of transcendence, pilgrimage, etc.

This program of personal development take into consideration not only the benefits for the life here and now, but as well the process of transcendence, after death.

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