canThe process of transformation takes place thanks to the Creative Energy. As learned in the previous levels, Creative Energy manifests only when there is a harmonious interaction of yin and yang polarities. The place where this interaction takes place is the central channel.

The central channel is not only the cauldron of Creative Energy; the frequency at which it operates determines our level of consciousness, the scope of our personal power and the ability to accomplish what we set out to do.

In order to operate properly in the society we live with a reasonable degree of focus and clarity, the central channel has to operate within a limited range of frequencies. However that range is does not tap the complete energy potential of the central channel. The key purpose of all the yoga practices is opening the energy potential of the central channel and expand the range of frequencies it is capable of operating.

All the work done in the preceding levels, specially the work with the negative emotions in Harmonizing the Five Elements 1, creates the conditions for expanding the frequency of the central channel. The work multiplying the positive emotions in the second and third levels of Harmonizing the Five Elements, stabilizes high frequencies in the entire energy system raising expanding the vibrational range of the central channel.

The main purpose of the Union of Fire and Water practices is opening the complete potential of the central channel. This is done in a three step process called ‘Opening the Three Cauldrons’.

The first cauldron refers to the level of ordinary consciousness we start with. The focus of the practices is the central channel at the level of the navel area. As energy frequencies are raised and become stabilized-not just fluctuating, the level of consciousness is raised to the level of the second cauldron at the heart center. This is the level where the energies of love expand beyond our limited self to embrace all creation and all beings. This is not a mechanical process that can be ‘tricked’ by some energy technique. It is an expansion of perspective brought about by operating consciously at a higher level. The opening of the third cauldron takes place in the center of the brain in what is called ‘The Crystal Chamber’. The outcome of raising consciousness to operate from this center generates union with all creation and spontaneously projects the consciousness beyond the physical plane. This stage is also named ‘Union with the Dao’ or Original Mind.

A consciousness raised to the universal stage is able to transcend the physical plane without attachments or unfulfilled desires. The work on the physical plane is completed.

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