The creative alignment of the bone structure begun at the Introductory Level with the Embracing the Tree posture is now expanded and deepened with five other postures. These postures help stretch the connective tissue, a layer of micro-meridians bathing every organ and muscle in a rich ocean of energy. Also stretched are different sets of meridians and tendons running from the toes to the hands.

The tendons not only give elasticity to movement but also function as a separate meridian system. If the tendons are regularly exercised they remain flexible and with a good flow till the end of our lives. If they are neglected we stiffen, lose range of motion and physically become more limited. The stiffening taking place at the physical level is reflected automatically in our mental and emotional outlook. We become emotionally inflexible and limited in our ability to express our deepest feelings or carry out profound changes.

Healthy living organisms are extremely flexible in contrast to dead bodies which are stiff and cold. The Six Postures are givers of life and bringers of warmth. The versatility developed through these postures gives a powerful support to the work with the emotions taking place with Harmonizing the Five Elements 1 and the Six Healing Sounds.


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