sirIn our subtle anatomy the gland system functions as the switch regulating energy flow between the subtle dimensions and the physical body. The increase in frequency spoken in the Union of Fire and Water practice is made possible through the opening of potential of the gland system.

The master glands regulating energy flow from the universe down to the physical dimension are located in the Crystal Chamber in the center of the brain. They are the pineal and the pituitary glands. Both glands work with energy as light-vibration.

The main purpose of the Stellar Practices is opening the potential of the master glands by consciously connecting with the subtle light of specific stars.

The circumpolar stars are the group of star-beings aligned with the central channel-axis of the Earth. All  conscious beings are endowed with a central channel. The Earth-being is not an exception. All beings on the Earth are in resonance with the central channel of the Earth.

The Pole Star and the stars of the Big Dipper are the focus of the Stellar Practice because of their connection with the central channel and the empowering effect they have on all beings on Earth. The stars of the Big Dipper empower the five elements, both subtle and gross and the Pole Star grants the ability to remain centered in the state of union with Original Mind.

In this level one consciously establishes the inner stars as a link to the visible outer ones. One of the insights of all the great practitioners of the past is that whatever is outside is also within. Sometimes this stage is named ‘Bringing Heaven to Earth’.

The relationship developed with the Pole Star and the Dipper becomes increasingly important in the Transcendence Practice stage. The Pole Star is the interdimensional portal through which the consciousness is projected beyond the grip of the physical dimension. This is not a process of ‘going’ somewhere but of ‘tuning’ to the frequency of a particular dimension. One is capable of doing that because there are matching stable high frequencies developed in the personal energy system.

In the Stellar Practices greater importance is given to the stars over the planets. As self-illuminated beings the stars are in stages of consciousness where the inner light has been developed to the degree that they now generate benefit to all beings. This is the life-giving function of the Sun-being, the star closest to us. By contrast, the planets are still at the level of consciousness where the inner light has to be developed. Like human beings, they are also on the way to illumination.

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