At present in developed countries three out of every four marriages terminates in divorce within six years or less. The risk of divorce is the highest in marriages of twenty years or more. It is hard to estimate what percentage of children are growing up with only one parent due to separation.

In our educational system, young people are taught all sorts of topics which are considered important for their future development and wellbeing, but curiously enough, how to develop lasting love relationships is not one of them. It is assumed that we are born with the knowledge, ability and skill to relate, love and raise a family. The sad truth is that in adolescence when we the hormonal shifts of puberty take place and sexuality comes to the forefront, young people and parents have no clue what to do to channel properly the powerful energies of sexuality. Later when deeper relationships are sought, most people have no idea of how to go about creating the right conditions for that to happen. Worst of all, when relations end, we have no clue of how to energetically dissolve the bonds which have been established. We attempt to go into new relations with the energy links of the previous relations still intact.

In this class is explored the energy processes which are set in motion from the instant we are attracted to someone to the moment we separate. We learn the shifts in consciousness which have to take place for a relation to operate from the heart center. Also the complex sequence of steps to fully liberate and dissolve the energy links once an intimate relation has ended and how to energetically cleanse and reorient the living space when a relation has come to a close.

Another important aspect of relationships explored are the interferences to healthy relations which take place through sexual molestation in early life and how to heal such trauma at the personal and family level.

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