Harmonizing means remaining centered, and that in turn means being one with the Creative Energy. As the seasons progress there are varying cycles of energy flow facilitating certain practices or making them more difficult. At this level one begins to work more consciously with timing, specially right timing.

Right timing is one of the key elements in energy practices. At the right time, effort is minimal and results are maximized. At the wrong time we may need to apply a maximum of effort in order to obtain barely passable results or no results at all.

Becoming aware of how energy flows in the year cycle makes the sun, the moon, the earth, the planets and the stars partners in our creative efforts. The point of view that we are alone fighting the obstacles thrown at us by the universe crumbles and is replaced by the expanded view of harmonizing instead of struggling.

One of the most often-repeated advices in the Daoist classics is to avoid improvising practice, implying that there is sound advise to be found if we look for it.

The Wheel of the Hexagrams designed by Shao Yong divides the energy year cycle into two halves of 32 hexagrams each, providing practice advice for each day of the year. In this level we focus on the advice for the four seasons.

This level is designed to help us know better how to invest our limited practice time in a more efficient way.

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