Working creatively with energy is not just a long series of techniques applied mechanically. For long range work with energy techniques we need a motivating force which can carry us gracefully in times of opposition and difficulties. The motivating force to persevere is provided by having a clear and powerful point of view orienting our actions. The most highly motivated practitioners are people terminally ill with a death sentence from their doctors, who decide to live and set out to do whatever is required to attain it. Their motivation for practice could not get any clearer than that.

One finds that if the motivation for practice is strong it becomes a source of energy for carrying out techniques and overcoming obstacles. If motivation is not strong then the most powerful techniques will not be enough to bring about lasting transformation.

Without clear guiding principles energy work falls back on improvisation and guess work and may ultimately prove ineffective in generating lasting change.

The Eight Trigrams of the I Ching are the eight fundamental principles for carrying out energy work in a balanced way. They provide a point of view designed to carry the practitioner from raw beginner to transcendence from limitations.

Acting on a regular basis with the eight principles in mind generates a powerful sense of destiny and clarity.

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