As the pace of change increases in our lives, so does the speed at which structures change and the rate at which living structures come into stress. This is reflected in the speed at which living organism are disappearing from the planet. It is estimated that every 2.5 seconds a species, which has endured for millions of years, vanishes forever from the planet. But before a species vanishes it undergoes a long process of weakening and illness.

One of the essentials in the process of self-development is the need to bring into the world the benefits that we are obtaining with our personal practices. In the Image of hexagram 11 in the I Ching, it is advised that the practitioner, “regulates the gifts of heaven and earth, and so helps the people.”

The ability to help others heal and alleviate suffering is one of the essential skills that allow us to grow beyond the mind of isolation, develop the heart center at the second cauldron and mature as human beings.

In this workshop we learn to alleviate suffering and heal the subtle layers, known as ‘The Body of Light’ by combining the Power of the Intention with the Light of Original Mind, the ultimate healing power. We learn skills for properly using the intention, which are first applied at the personal level, since the healer needs to be healed in order to be of service to others, and then apply, either in person or at a distance, to a receptive person or place.

Healing practices with the Light of Original Mind are not only limited to human beings. As Hippocrates, the ancestor of western medicine, wisely observed, “The health of the human being depends on the health of the Earth.” In this seminar we learn to heal places in the Earth which have been damaged, by opening a strong connection between Original Mind and the ground.

As the pace of change increases we are all encountering more often, family and friends desperately seeking help after being diagnosed with serious illnesses. At such moments, the good heart in us wants to do something to alleviate suffering, but often, even though we have sufficient knowledge of energy to be of real help, lack the precise skills to do it. At such times, the most common is to turn to our teachers and mentors to ask for advice or help. In order to correct such situation, this workshop trains us in a variety of simple approaches, as well as what conditions are essential to be truly of help in times of need.

The skills learned in this workshop can be brought into the world through the ongoing Love and Healing Light Project of monthly practices

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