The crossing of dimensions which takes place each time we fall asleep, is the model of transition which takes place at the moment of dying. Each time we go to sleep, a monumental portal of opportunity opens before us. The simple practices that can be done at the moment of falling asleep are learned in the branch of energy work known as the ‘dream yogas’.

All the complete systems for fully developing human potential are designed for transcendence, taking into account the continuity of consciousness experienced during sleep, dream and the intermediate state of death.

To develop a personal program of practices in which there is no training in crossing dimensions and no provision made for transcendence, seriously limits energy practices to short-term benefits. This shortcoming manifests as profound emotional chaos and regret, at the moment of dying, when the clarity of consciousness intensifies.

In this level we develop a coherent practice for crossing dimensions, in which we train progressively in maintaining continuity of conscience; recognition of the stages of dissolution of the elements at the moment of falling asleep; and the Witness mind which does not react with attachment or rejection to the projections of the mind.

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