Every time we fall asleep a process of overwhelming importance takes place. Our consciousness which is operating through the physical body, while we are awake, is projected out of the physical body into our habitual dimension of operation. Our emotional and mental state is conditioned by our level of consciousness. First cauldron consciousness is characterized by intense self-centered selfish activity and the lower astral dimension where the mind of separation reigns supreme with all the conflicting emotions that characterize it. The second cauldron is characterized by having the Inner Guide at the center of our personality, instead of the ego as in the first cauldron. Second cauldron personality is ruled by the heart and its altruistic perspective. Second cauldron consciousness is established in the Upper Astral dimension of the harmonized positive emotions.

The separation of consciousness from the physical when we sleep, gives us a true picture of which dimension we are operating from. If the dreams show conflicting emotions, or deep unconsciousness by being unable to recall our dreams, there is no doubt that we are in the lower astral and our program of practices needs to be seriously redesigned. One characteristic of Upper Astral dreams is that they are few and far between, but have great clarity and we always awaken, regardless of the number of hours slept, fully vibrant, recharged, and fully awake as soon as we open the eyes, there is none of the gradual awakening of the first cauldron. Another salient quality of the Upper Astral is self awareness through recognition of the dream for what it is-a projection of our own minds. Lucidity is an expression of being very conscious and capable of recognizing the essence of situations behind their appearance.

What we experience in dream state is the result of what we experience when we are awake and how seriously we are holding on to what appears to be real and solid.

The recognition of the projected nature of dream experiences is the training ground for recognizing the projected nature of waking experiences. This is why the dream practices are essential for developing the third cauldron.

As children from the moment we start learning to walk we begin a long process of manifesting the intention through the physical body. Through all the years of schooling and growing self discipline we keep refining the ability to manifest intent through the physical body. In the Dream Yogas we extent this process into the realm of the subtle body and the dimensions outside of time and space. The reason for doing this is transcendence of consciousness.

The physical body is limited by time and space, and regardless of the good care we take, it dies at some point. The individual consciousness is outside the limitations of time or space and if cultivated through the yogas of sleep and dream, is capable of recognizing the experience of death and unite with Original Mind-our true nature.

One of the main purposes of the Dream Yogas is developing the ability to operate fully conscious outside time and space through the subtle body (Yin body). This training gives coherence to the subtle body and gradually makes intent and realization an instant reality.

The Dream Yogas gradually transcends the fear of the unknown at the moment of death. Instead, a seamless continuity of consciousness is experienced between the physical and the subtle dimensions.

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