Healing is a caring and loving function under the powers of the Divine Feminine. That change is possible, and that through change we are capable of correcting wrongs and evolve, demonstrates that creation is, as the Indian Vedas affirm, “forgiving”. The belief that the universe is punishing or that the divine powers are implacable in dealing out justice, has come about through lack of deep inquiry into the essential nature of the creation. The universe we inhabit is feminine and its most essential quality is love, forgiveness, unlimited opportunity and transformation.

The feminine principle is not only expressed through women; it is manifested each time we activate the caring, loving, nurturing, protecting and healing abilities we all have. The feminine is also manifested when we seek to simplify life. As the ancient Daoist saying goes, “the yang works through the easy and the yin through the simple.”

The feminine principle is a vibrational aspect of our nature which the ancient sages were able to discern as mantra. Empowering the heart center through which the Divine Feminine flows, is essential for developing the second cauldron of the intermediate level. Generating benefits in the world for all beings sharing the creation is the way that the Divine Feminine flows enriching everyone it meets. The Divine Feminine mantras strengthen the caring and nurturing aspect of our being and through them we harmonize with the Mother Nature and her tireless activity generating benefit for all.

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