In Nivel IV - Generar beneficios: fortalecer el espíritu

The mind is a space upon which all thoughts and experiences are projected, like the cinema screen. From the moment we are born the mind continuously generates thoughts, experiences emotions, formulates opinions, creates likes and dislikes and generates the conditions for either happiness or suffering. This process is continuous and goes on even when we sleep.

The word “mantra” is defined as “an instrument for structuring the mind”. Mantra is capable of generating balance where there are chaotic thoughts and emotions. Like a continuous drop of water on a hard stone, through repetition, mantra begins to breakdown even the most resistant and insidious ideas, obsessive thoughts or negative emotions. But mantra does even more; it is capable of generating a conscious experience of the luminous and blissful nature of the Original Mind itself-our true nature.

In this level we focus on the use of mantra for healing the mind, the emotions and the direction we are headed in life. This will be accomplished through the structuring and centering effect of creative sounds.

Mantras are learned for activating the Universal Healing principle and for accelerating different aspects of healing; as well as mantras for clearing karmic factors which could result in illness or untimely death. Together with mantra we explore the root causes of illness according to the ancient Daoist, Indian and Tibetan medical classics, so that we do not confuse the symptoms for the cause of illness

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