All energy work can be summarized in one word: vibration. The process of manifesting physical and subtle reality begins with an idea which is expressed as root sounds and creative vibrations.

In this era of rapidly changing structures, one of the characteristic of most human beings is the inability to manage the inner dialogue. Sometimes such internal talk is of a most self-defeating kind or critical of others. All of our actions and decisions arise in the mind, therefore it is in the mind that the karmas are born. Our internal talk can be an endless source of generating negative consequences. Since it is impossible for most ordinary people to manage their internal talk, the repetition of mantra is a powerful, simple tool to bring mental chaos into unity by reducing mental talk to just one sound or series of sounds. Not ordinary sounds, but the sounds of the creative functions of the universe.

Mantra practice, or the repetition of root sounds, has the ability to silence the activities of the ego; silence instantly mental chatter; unify the energy system into a set of creative vibrations; cut through negative states of mind; put the breath into a rhythmic pattern; stabilize the consciousness; refresh the stressed nervous system in a short time and connect the energy system to a higher frequency of vibration. All of this is accomplished with a minimum of effort because mantras are the sounds of the creation itself. Mantras are not sounds from our ordinary language or prayers reinforcing the sense of duality between self and a divine principle.

Root sounds are universal sounds which constitute the vibrations of particular processes. These root sounds were discovered in the most ancient past by practitioners at the highest level of awareness.

There are root sounds for attracting, repelling, removing obstacles, unifying, healing illness, generating compassion energy and so on. The list is as vast as the creation because every living being and every energy process has a particular set of vibrations unique to that process.

Vibration is also a connecting link between dimensions. All energy is vibration. As one reaches the limits of physical consciousness, mantra functions as an interdimensional bridge for “crossing the great water” as the I Ching calls it.

Mantra practice introduces the very important factor of numerical rhythm in energy work. The I Ching calls rhythms “helpers” because they are able to take over energy processes and carry them out without the intervention of the ego. When a rhythm is active we don’t have to do anything and in the process become tireless because Creative Energy is flowing with a minimum of effort.

Of all energy practices Mantra has the distinction of being the most versatile because it can be carried out internally or externally in the midst of any situation or emotional state and its ability to silence mental chatter and overcome distracted states works instantly.

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