The steady development of the different stages of Level 1 and 2 generate the foundations for opening the potential of the second cauldron of the altruistic mind.

The practitioner develops a series of skills which result in an increased ability to manage life and greater fluency in establishing and realizing worthy goals in which everybody wins and nobody loses. The Creative Energy for healing imbalances past or present becomes increasingly available. The ability to better manage our emotional and mental states eliminates from our lives a great deal of psychic friction that manifested as fatigue, weariness or illness. One outcome of these two levels is a greater sense of self-confidence, personal magnetism and certainty in what we are doing.

The issues from our past which need clearing require patient effort. Patience itself is the result of improved energy flow through the heart and the rest of the organ family. A minimum of fifteen months of daily practice is needed to begin breaking down the old emotional structure and begin building a new one with greater possibilities. Many practitioners make the great mistake of rushing through this stage. The result is a lack of drive and poor results in the intermediate and advanced levels. At worst the practitioner becomes discouraged and gives up. Abandoning the practices leaves the person devitalized, with a lowered sense of self esteem and perhaps reluctant to try again with some other discipline

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