The experiences with the Creative Energy and its impact in our lives can be expressed through painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, writing, story-telling, dance, cooking or whatever we are skilful at. The essence of the Sacred Arts is the direct transmission of spiritual experience generated through our personal practice, for the inspiration and enrichment of everyone who contacts such sacred art.

The Sacred Arts, in whatever form they manifest, are a means of transmitting the essence of the practices that are enriching our lives and expanding our perspectives. They arise from the altruistic heart of the second cauldron as a gift to the world. Any place where Sacred Arts manifest, the Earth is enriched and the space transformed into a fountain of spiritual energies.

Often all that remains of a great civilization of the past are just a few temple walls and a few sculptures testament to the spiritual attainment of that culture. In the museums of ancient art, we may notice, the sacred arts are the most abundant remains.

Through the Sacred Arts we transmit the essence of the energy practices directly into the unconscious of another person. It is a way of instantly communicating the essence of a tradition without having to explain or make preparations.

The Sacred Arts are also a way of inspiring others to develop their excellence and express the Creative Energy and its centering power.

When the energy of spirit is strong everything said or done is a form of Sacred Art

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