The practices of Fire and Water have the ultimate purpose of opening the full potential of the three cauldrons. This is not a process of energy techniques or manipulation of sexual energy-it has to do with raising consciousness and developing a progressive quality of ego that evolves from self-centeredness to union with Original Mind.

Raising the cauldron from first to second is done through going beyond selfish-self-centered mind to altruistic mind in action generating benefit in the world beginning with our own family. It is naïve to assume that by manipulating energy while having a load of unresolved emotional issues will bring lasting transformation.

The success of the Fire and Water practices depends on a whole life style shift from self, to others to recognition of our true nature. What the sitting practice does, is help us focus our aspiration for true lasting change in a simple coherent format that is purely abstract and symbolic. Countless extraordinary beings have realized their true nature of mind simply by helping others in need. It is through a good heart of unconditional love that we access the alchemical fire and through the deep heart of trust that we access the alchemical water. The unconditional loving heart of the second cauldron is complemented with the unconditional trust in the Inner Guide and the proof that our lives are guided by a greater power than the individual ego. When these two difficult to obtain ingredients are available, in the words of hexagram 29 in the I Ching, nothing can stop us

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