At the moment of conception we all receive from our ancestral lineage the ‘Three treasures’ of Essence (Jing), Vitality (Qi) and Spiritual Potential (Shen). It is with the power of the ‘Three Treasures’ that we are capable of fulfilling our spiritual destiny. In order to develop fully the potential of the ‘Three Treasures’, we are supposed to administer carefully the Essence (Jing) so that it can be transformed into Vitality (Qi ) and flourish into Spiritual Potential (Shen). The ‘Three Treasures’ are developed following an ascending path, opening the three levels of consciousness known in the Dao system as the three cauldrons.

The first cauldron is our level of ordinary living with our limited ego at the center of our personality. The chief characteristic of first cauldron living is “me first”. The idea of helping others makes no sense at all.

The second cauldron is centered at the heart and the altruistic “us together” perspective of generating benefits for others. This is made possible by having placed the Inner Guide at the center of our personality. The ego has found its right place as assistant to the higher consciousness and absolute trust in what we are doing and how we are living expands. Self-doubt or self-rejection have been left behind.

The third cauldron is the consciousness that has gone beyond taking as real the ego of the first or second cauldron. The perspective now is of Oneness based on existence being a projection of the mind.

The journey through developing the potential of the three cauldrons is not just an affair of energy or techniques, is how we live, how we relate to others and how seriously we hold on to things we assume to be real.

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