The field of energy work for healing has expanded at a tremendous pace in the last forty years. Energy techniques which were taught after long periods of training, and mostly in secret, have become available to anyone in books, week end workshops and electronic media. Most of this information is passed without making people aware of the great responsibilities and risks they assume by going into energy work unprepared.

These days in the health profession, is common to find good-intentioned professionals that are tired, drained, stressed to the limit, depressed, struggling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with a heavy load of unprocessed negative energies accumulated through lack of sufficient knowledge about the implications of healing work.

The purpose of this workshop is twofold:

1-Making health practitioners aware of the risks involved in the energy exchange which takes place in healing

2-Learning energy maintenance techniques that reduce the chances of psychic interference at the personal level and in the space where healing work is done.

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