One very common problem encountered in energy work is lack of energy integrity due to poorly defined personal boundaries. This problem translates as being very easily affected by negative energies; extreme sensitivity to people and places; difficulty protecting personal property; being easily overpowered by strong personalities; going along with situations we do not agree and possession by entities. All of these factors are indicators that the energy system and specifically, the energy centers along the Microcosmic Orbit are either blocked or lacking their proper frequency; as a result it is very difficult for the organism to maintain energy integrity. Buried emotions may generate the view that we are victims of circumstances or ‘unlucky’. Structurally, the person may lack proper connection with the energies of heaven and earth and as a result are ‘undercharged’ below their potential.

The foundation for remedying these problems begins with connecting with the earth as a daily practice; working the meridian system more intensely through the Microcosmic Orbit; and the clearing of the emotional load to promote better flow through the Six Healing Sounds and Harmonizing the Five Elements 1. In addition, the excessive focus on oneself and one’s problems needs to be reduced by shifting the attention toward generating benefit and truly be of help to others. Paradoxically, it is when we shift attention from oneself that we can perceive our situation with greater clarity.

If we try to generate integrity through methods setting barriers and walls or through some magical means the result is an increased sense of isolation and paranoia which furthers blocks the flow of the Creative Energy through the organism. Energy integrity is an expression of energy balance and cannot be forced with artificial methods which leave unaffected our negative emotional states.

The ability to lovingly maintain our energy integrity translates as respect for the boundaries of others and a sense of being at ease anywhere and with anyone.

One important aspect of energy integrity is guiding possessing entities to the Light of the Upper Astral Dimension.

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