One of the eight principles for energy work is learning to complete whatever we start. Finishing is important because every time we start something we set in motion a cycle of energy flow seeking resolution. If a cycle is not completed then the energy it carries is not liberated for other purposes. Our unfinished situations from the past are all cycles holding a tremendous amount of potential energy; enough to succeed at whatever we set out to do.

The ability to set a goal, sustain it and carry it to fruition depends on efficient energy flow between heaven, earth and our energy system. Negative emotional states are like speed bumps and roadblocks we present the life force with. Harmonizing the Five Elements 1 is designed to help us bring closure to the cycles from the past and open the energy system to receive the infinite flow from the universe.

Whatever we set out to do is accomplished not through hoarding energy but rather through allowing the infinite ocean of the life force to flow through us and be an assistant in fulfilling destiny.

The ability to dig into our past and persevere at resolving old issues is made possible through everything we have set in motion with the introductory practices and the level of personal integrity which has emerged. One of the products of the Harmonizing the Five Elements 1 is a powerful sense of inner stability unaffected by the turmoil in the world. This is manifested as a sense of self sufficiently strong to negotiate powerful obstacles and overcome difficulties without falling into self pity or feeling victim of circumstances. Without a sufficiently strong sense of self the process of transformation cannot be carried out with consistency and regularity.

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