In Harmonizing the Five Elements 1 we work clearing the past, finishing cycles and learning to transform negative emotional states into pure vitality. As we clear negative patterns, we are simultaneously making room for the positive emotional state to manifest more often and last longer.

The positive emotions arise when the organism is operating at high consciousness. Negative states manifest when we are operating from lower levels of consciousness. This means that our emotions arise in our minds, before they manifest through the organs, as a result of thoughts and interpretations we make from our experiences.

In Harmonizing the Five Elements 2 we nurture the positive emotions manifesting through each of the organs by cultivating high levels of consciousness and positive states of mind.

We consciously blend the variety of individual ‘virtues’ manifesting through the organs into a synthesis with the potential to manifest pure compassion when combined with altruistic intent. At first these positive states are experienced for a limited time only; however, with regular practice the energy system begins to change and eventually reintegrates itself at the higher frequency of the positive emotions. This results in a shift in consciousness and a qualitative change in our relationship with ourselves and others.

The energy of pure compassion is the means to develop the potential of the central channel and the second cauldron. This level of work begins to lay the foundations for the right alchemical ingredients in the higher practices of Fire and Water.

Harmonizing the Five Elements 2 gives us the ability to generate extraordinary energies in order to bring about extraordinary results. A common mistake for those who rush through Harmonizing the Five Elements 1 and the basic practices is that they approach the higher alchemy with ordinary energy, mixture of unresolved emotional states and obstacles of all sorts, hoping to obtain extraordinary results. Ordinary energy is only capable of producing ordinary results. Higher alchemy requires extraordinary ingredients of exceptional quality and integrity coupled with a life style that is actively engaged in generating benefits for everyone, beginning with our own family.

The attainment of a stable positive emotional state allows the organism to reintegrate at superior levels of consciousness and vibrate with frequencies which can truly unfold the potential of the advanced practices.

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