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I Ching Dao Autumn Retreat in Almaty, Kazakhstan – 9 days with Daoist teacher Juan Li

This retreat will be devoted to two main topics: “Refining Sexual Energy” and “Divine Feminine Mantras”

Refining Sexual Energy 1

The sexual energy is the most concentrated energy the body is capable of producing. This energy is intended for creating another human being when directed out into the world. When directed upwards through the meridian system it fires the alchemical transformation of Essence (Jing) into Pure Vitality (Qi) and Spiritual Potential (Shen).

At the ordinary level the refining of sexual energy generates good health, high vitality and a dynamic personality. At the extraordinary level it opens the possibility of opening the second cauldron if the ego is no longer at the center of the personality.

Since our emotions are intimately connected with the vital organs the recycled sexual energy is capable of multiplying the intensity of the emotions flowing through the organs. We are capable of multiplying great generosity to the level of infinite care or anger of the most destructive kind.
The recycling of sexual energy requires a sustained regular practice transforming the negative emotions otherwise it becomes a double-edged sword in the hands of the inexperienced beginner.

If the Introductory Level has generated a good flow through the meridian system and organs, the sexual practices will empower that flow with higher frequencies. The organism will eventually re-structure itself at a higher level of vitality and health. However all this empowerment depends on the altruistic motivation of the second cauldron, otherwise, if the ego occupies the center of our personality, there is great risk of sexual manipulation of others and the karmic consequences it brings.

A product of successfully recycling the sexual energy is a greater sense of energy integrity, personal boundaries and social relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

In this class we learn:

  • The importance of the Jing (Essence) for health, longevity and spiritual development.
  • The practices for recycling feminine and masculine sexual energy.
  • Practices for regenerating the gland system for greater vitality and personal magnetism.
  • Practices to regenerate the vital organs with sexual energy.
  • The introduction to the practices to harmonize the menstrual cycle and the changes in menopause.
  • Practices to strengthen sexual energy.
  • Practices to recycle stimulated male and female sexual energy.
  • The practices for exchanging stimulated sexual energy as a couple.

Mantras of the Divine Feminine Principle

We come to the world to develop the four planes of our existence: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. To fulfill our life mission we need to awaken the extraordinary fountain of transformational power that resides within us in the form of the divine feminine.

The process of balancing, empowering the subtle bodies, reclaiming our worth and taking command of our lives is under the supervision of the Inner Guide whose essence is feminine in nature.

In the Golden Era from where the science of yoga originates, the feminine principle was recognized as being central to the process of self-development.

As the clarity of consciousness has dimmed through the cycle of the four eras, we have reached the point where the feminine is considered, weak, inferior or even irrelevant to the fulfillment of our purpose in life. The fulfillment of our life mission is not realized through favoring one polarity over another. The feminine principle works through reconciling differences and harmonizing them with the unifying power of the heart.

This retreat offers a special opportunity to become acquainted with the huge range of qualities encompassed by the feminine principle. In essence is a workshop for learning how essential is healing the relation with our mothers. If we are to survive as a species, it is an urgent necessity to go back to heal the causes of the imbalances that are threatening human existence.

In this workshop we learn:

The vast range of qualities of the divine feminine principle the ancients named ‘Shakti’.

The mantras that activate within us the powers of Shakti.

The six ways in which Shakti as Supreme Knowledge manifests in our lives.

The way to empower the process of healing and transformation that is the essence of the Divine Feminine.

The foundations for opening the second cauldron of the heart where the Divine Feminine resides.

A mantra program for transforming negativity and psychic abuses through the use of powerful Shakti mantras.


Septiembre 7 (Sabado) - 15 (Domingo)




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