Mayo, 2018

18Mayallday21alldayDREAM PRACTICE INTENSIVE RETREAT 3rd partAll classes in ENGLISH with GERMAN translationGermany Organizador: Tao Bonn Tipo de Curso:Germany - Juan Li,International workshops HORARIO: last day until 2:00PM


having completed the Basic Level of the Microcosmic Orbit and the first level of dream practice


All classes in ENGLISH with GERMAN translation

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Dream Practice 3: Dream Practices for Death and Transcendence, with Juan Li

This first time ever dream practice intensive retreat will consist of three parts. The third part trains in the sequence for crossing dimensions in a state of clarity at the moment of death and transcendence.

The third part of the dream practice intensive will focus on the practices for guiding the consciousness at the moment of dying and transcendence. The third part consists of:

  • Finishing any pending cycles and clearing attachments before crossing dimension each day
  • Becoming conscious of the dissolution of the elements of consciousness in the process of falling asleep
  • Guiding the consciousness to the absolute experience of Original Mind as the elements of consciousness dissolve
  • Developing dream state as a platform for guiding the consciousness of the dead to the upper astral dimension

The second and third levels of dream practice require a solid foundation in the first level. This dream intensive retreat is a great opportunity to train establishing what is called in the practices, “a path of transcendence” and counteracting the present tendency to assume we are the physical body and that when we die everything ends. As multidimensional beings, we operate only for a limited number of hours in the physical dimension, our true permanent dimension is the subtle one. The physical dimension is limited by time, the subtle dimensions are beyond time and therefore eternal. As the I Ching suggests, “abide by what endures”.

For someone who has not developed dream state as a resource for self-development, this is a golden opportunity to start charting “a path of transcendence”. For those with experience, this is an opportunity to go deeper into infinity.



Mayo 18 (Viernes) - 21 (Lunes)




last day until 2:00PM


Tao BonnRenu Li,

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