Mayo, 2018

14Mayallday17alldayDREAM PRACTICE INTENSIVE RETREAT 2nd partAll classes in ENGLISH with GERMAN translationGermany Organizador: Tao Bonn Tipo de Curso:Germany - Juan Li,International workshops


having completed the Basic Level of the Microcosmic Orbit and the first level of dream practice


All classes in ENGLISH with GERMAN translation

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Detalles del curso

Dream Practice 2: Dream Practices for Health and Healing, with Juan Li

This first time ever dream practice intensive retreat will consist of three parts. The second part focuses on healing practices during dream state.

The second part consists of:

  • Developing a structure for healing the causes of illness not just the symptoms
  • A series of sitting practices for transforming factors of self-rejection, guilt, shame and sustained anger behind serious health imbalances.
  • Establishing the experience of Original Mind as the model of absolute health
  • Establishing sleep and dream state as a space for healing
  • Clearing psychic interferences which can take place during dream state by working with “the 13 ghost points”



Mayo 14 (Lunes) - 17 (Jueves)




Tao BonnRenu Li,

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