In the Daoist tradition it is required of the practitioner who develops superior insights into the practices, to share it with at least two other people following the same path.

Sharing one’s insights into practice; transmitting the waves of joy and benefit received through the infinite wisdom passed down by the ancestors of the practice; imbuing others with our enthusiasm and appreciation for having found our purpose in this life, is something that can only be done when our being overflows with clarity and gratitude.

Teaching is more than passing techniques and information in a mechanical way. A video or a book can do a more thorough job at that. Teaching has to do with the transmission of experience and the state of consciousness realized through the practices, and most important of all, it is the transmission of greatness at finding the way.

In the Daoist tradition teaching was done by those already on the stages of transcendence; with a complete view of the process and lots of personal experience on the terrain of the path.

Teaching is not a job, it is the stage where one ensures the continuity of the illustrious lineage of the teachings for future generations. Teaching is the stage where, through deep experience, one refines and makes the teachings accessible to the present generation under the present conditions. Teaching is an updating of the stages without altering the essence.

The transmission of experience and wisdom carries the greatest responsibility. If the teacher, in the words of the I Ching, ‘gets his tail wet’ with power, greed, desire to manipulate others and direct the teachings for personal gain, then all is lost and the person stands truly alone in the most desolate place of the creation. That place is the space where the ancestors have withdrawn their support and guidance; the support which all along has complemented all personal effort.

It is an accepted thing that developing spiritual power is a positive thing, but one is headed for big trouble if one ever loses control over it. The ego which arises through a little knowledge is the worst trap of all because it goes to the head and makes the practitioner remain just outside of the truth, never making the final step of giving up self-importance

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