The key concept for efficient energy work in the I Ching is being at the right time at the right place; facing the right direction; generating the right feelings; doing the right things and being in the right company.

Energetically there is only one place where everything can be accomplished and that is the center. The center is not a physical space but is rather a psychic state where the energies of heaven and earth interact as one and the mind is focused, calm and clear. In the human body this is the central channel or ‘cauldron’.

Our homes and the space surrounding it are the physical cauldron where the energies of yin and yang interact through the power of our intention and perseverance and the quality of actions we bring into the world. The home as a living organism has also a meridian system equivalent to that found in the human body.

The purpose of this level of internal Feng Shui is generating the auspicious conditions for optimizing potential by establishing a series of meridians and energy patterns in the living space and the land around it. It is childish and naïve to believe that mirrors, bells and aquariums with fishes of the right color are able to optimize our human potential. According to such point of view our well-being would depend on having the right objects in the right place regardless of our emotional state or how we treat each other. Our negative behavior and the resulting negative consequences would be neutralized by having the door facing the right direction!!!

This level of Feng Shui is not only for generating personal benefit, because we are not separate from the environment we live. Through energy work coupled with pure motivation and a good relationship with the Creative Energy, it is possible to heal the earth in the places where it has been wounded by careless selfish action. In the process of healing the earth we embody the advice of the I Ching of leaving the places we go through better than we found them.

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