Every time we fall asleep a process of overwhelming importance takes place. Our awareness which is focused on the physical body during waking hours, shifts and becomes fully active through the subtle body. The degree of opportunity offered by this shift is beyond the scope of our imagination.

As children from the moment we start learning to walk we begin a long process of manifesting the intention through the physical body. Through all the years of schooling and growing self discipline we keep refining the ability to manifest intent through the physical body. In the Dream Yogas we extent this process into the realm of the subtle body and the dimensions outside of time and space. The reason for doing this is transcendence of consciousness.

The physical body is limited by time and space, and regardless of the good care we take, it dies at some point. The individual consciousness is outside the limitations of time or space and if cultivated through energy disciplines is capable of transcending the death of the physical body and continue operating through the subtle body.

The main purpose of the Dream Yogas is developing the ability to operate fully conscious outside time and space through the subtle body. This training gives coherence to the subtle body and gradually makes intent and realization an instant reality.

The Dream Yogas gradually transcends the fear of the unknown at the moment of death. Instead a seamless continuity of consciousness is experienced between the physical and the subtle dimensions.

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