The ability to recognize that there is a higher consciousness that guides our entire process of self development is central to the proper unfolding of our potential as human beings. One of the means through which our higher consciousness communicates is through dreams. Everybody dreams even if one does not grant them any importance and are unable to remember them. Dreams are messages about our life and the direction we are supposed to move in life. They function as a compass helping correct from day to day the way we perceive situations and make decisions. Being able to remember a dream is a sign of a degree of continuity of consciousness when we are unconscious asleep. The initial way to develop such continuity is through taking the dream communications as important to our self development and happiness. The ability to interpret accurately our dreams is one of the oldest practices of humanity. No manuals of dream symbols are needed as the dream language utilized by our inner guide is personal and based on the dictionary of people, places and experiences making up our circle of life. Everyone and everything experienced represents something to us beyond the social role they play. We experience the world symbolically in a personal way that is beyond any manual of dream interpretation. The interpretation of dreams helps us further the communication with our inner guide, and at the same time is an accurate reflection of the dimension in which we are operating on a daily basis. Through dream work we develop further the foundations for guiding the consciousness at the moment of death and transcendence.

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