In the ancient Daoist accounts of the creation it is mentioned that before a being incarnates it makes an agreement with the Creation (Heaven) as to the purpose for its coming into the dimension of change. The agreement consists in that the Creation will provide all the necessary conditions for that being to carry out its purpose. The individual agrees to fulfill its purpose by working with whatever conditions the Creation provides. This process is named “fulfilling destiny”.

So that the incarnating being does not forget or gets lost in fulfilling destiny after taking birth, the Creation places a tiny seed of itself within the heart center of each being which comes into form either in the physical or subtle dimensions. This includes all animals, plants, humans and spirits.

The seed of light at the heart center becomes the compass pointing the way where we are supposed to go to fulfill destiny. This tiny seed of the Creation is the Inner Guide or Inner Teacher or the Self as Carl Jung named it. Its sole purpose is to help us fulfill destiny by not losing the way. The ancient alchemists, wisely observed that, “within everything created is the seed of its own perfection”. The Inner Guide is not only the spiritual compass, but also the seed of perfection within everyone. Carl Jung observed that the Self/Inner Guide is the one administering the process of self development. Everything that happens to us, in one way or another is part of the design of the Inner Guide in helping us find the way.

Recognizing a higher authority than the limited ego is an essential first step in the journey of self development.

In this class we are going to focus on awakening the Inner Guide function through meditations, mantra and clarity of purpose in our lives.

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