The abdomen is the crossroad where heavenly energy coming down passes through on its way to the earth and ascending earth energy finds its way up to heaven. Blockages in the abdomen affect the totality of the organism.

The abdomen is a zone where most of the vital organs can be touched through deep massage. Chi Nei Tsang helps us work with the organs and the emotions in a most simple way. It is a way to complement and support all the previous levels. Most of the facets are done using the Six Healing Sounds.

Chi Nei Tsang can be practiced as an auto-massage for self-maintenance, and as a way of generating benefit to others.

Personal evolution is not something that is done in isolation with all the attention focused on oneself. That would result in a situation of extreme isolation and lack of flow. The I Ching suggests that as a point of view we adopt that of Mother Nature and generate benefit to all beings in whatever manner possible.

When energy practice is focused on oneself only, Nature provides energy for just one person. Instead, if our goal is generating benefit to all beings and become active in doing so, then energy will be provided to benefit all beings we can reach. Chi Nei Tsang is one step toward enlarging our circle of influence and become, in the words of the I Ching, “The assistant of Heaven.”

With an altruistic point of view and actions taken to manifest it in the world, curiously enough, we are the first ones to benefit by growing happiness and a deep sense of wellbeing.

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