Spine and Brain Nei Kung

Since the decade of the 1980’s there has been a sharp increase in the number of people being diagnosed with memory loss, commonly known as Alzheimer’s. This health crisis is reaching epidemic proportions and yet remains little known by the general public. Modern medicine has no cure for Alzheimer’s and the best remedies available can only delay the progression of the illness but not eradicate it.

It is often assumed that memory loss is a problem of the aged, but recent studies indicate that the symptoms of memory loss begin as early as thirty years before they are undeniably evident. Memory loss may begin as early as when the person is in the early 30’s.

In the ancient Chinese medical system it was established that a great part of the functions associated with memory are under the administration of the kidneys and most specifically the marrow within the spine and the brain. Ultimately the kidneys are under the direction of the heart-mind.

In this level the focus is on strengthening the spinal and brain marrow with a series of exercises utilizing movement, breath, mantra, hand gestures, diet and emotional work clearing obstacles in the ancestral line which are affecting the blood and reducing the potential of the heart-mind.

The outcome of strengthening the marrow generates not only better memory, but is also the foundation for fulfilling our highest goals in this life since the ability to persevere is also administered by the kidneys.

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