The sustained experience of the true nature of the mind, what is called in the Dao, “Original Mind”, is the ultimate purpose of the Daoist, Buddhist and Hindu practices. For western practitioners understanding, working and integrating the concept of Original Mind poses one of the greatest obstacles in self-development. Because of cultural and religious beliefs that we are born with original sin and are fundamentally bad and in need of an external source of grace to save us from ourselves, accepting the yogic concept of fundamental goodness within, faces a monumental wall of unconscious resistance. Among western practitioners a tremendous charge of unconscious guilt and self-hatred is brought to the practices because of the concept of original badness which underlies our minds, turning the practices which are supposed to benefit us and generate lasting joy, into another instrument to feel bad about ourselves by not being good enough, disciplined enough or obtain quick results in the manner we expect. In this class we develop ways and means of contacting Original Mind and gradually integrate the experience while systematically replacing the program of original badness with the fundamental truth of our intrinsic good heart and our desire to lead meaningful lives of benefit to oneself and everyone around us.

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