The title of hexagram 38 of the I Ching is ‘Opposition’ and its main theme is maintaining the center no matter how challenging the situation becomes. We are living in a period in which high stress has supplanted happiness as the most common state of mind. Despite great advances in technology and abundance of material goods, the quality of life and mental health of most human beings has markedly deteriorated during recent years. The very things which are supposed to make life easier and give more opportunity to relax and enjoy life are too often the cause of worry and stress.

Being able to flow with rapid changes and at the same time remain centered is one of the basic goals of the yoga practices of all of the great traditions of self development. The moment we are unable to remain firmly grounded energetically, emotionally and mentally, the quality of our thoughts and actions deteriorate. The tremendous increase in new illnesses which are appearing since the middle of the last century are due to high levels of stress and lack of inner resources to cope with rapid changes.

We come to the world with a clear purpose to fulfill, but as the quality of our thinking and decisions deteriorate we lose sight of our reason for being here and life becomes a struggle for survival at any cost.

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