Fear is one of the most primal human emotions and one of the main underlying cause of illness and dysfunctional relations. These days, it seems, we face a daily barrage of new things to fear: economic crisis, worldwide epidemics, environmental collapse, terrorism, wars, crime and natural disasters.

Fear has a paralyzing effect on the whole organism. As fear takes hold of our minds, our level of consciousness plummets to the most primitive stage of selfish survival. The immune system practically shuts down. The way we relate to each other becomes polluted with an intense sense of separation and distrust.

These days an increasingly dense aura of fear surrounds the planet as it resonates from the minds of billions of human beings worldwide preoccupied with economic survival, illness and war.

Fear is a survival response which manifests in two phases: first, the dynamic stage where the organism mobilizes to the maximum of its capacity in order to overcome a threat to its survival. If the threatening situation is not resolved quickly and continues, the second phase of paralysis sets in, where the energy system begins to shut down preparing for surrender and death. Sustained fear paralyzes and kills.

This class has been designed to help us understand the nature of fear and the overwhelming negative impact it has in our lives when sustained for long.

In this class we learn ways to radically work with fears through inquiring about its nature.

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