One of the deepest forms of suffering in our culture is the pain that comes with the feeling that something is wrong with us. Left untreated, this deep insecurity engenders chronic critical mind, anger, aggression, fear, depression and addictive behavior. It prevents us from living and loving fully and gives rise to the intolerance and violence that plagues our world today.

One of the great obstacles that western practitioners bring to their practice is holding extremely negative views about themselves. Culturally, the belief that there is something wrong with us is often the motivating force behind entering a path of self-development.

The way that we think determines the way that we feel. Self-hatred, self-denigration, feeling inadequate and dislike for oneself, are feelings that are suppressed deeply in the unconscious mind, preventing the experience of wellbeing that is our true nature.

Whatever is suppressed intensifies and grows in strength, seeking every available means to surface. This means that as we unconsciously hold negative views about ourselves we are going to keep attracting people and situations that will prove we are inadequate, and something is truly wrong with us. If the view we hold about ourselves is distorted, the way we view others and the world is going to be distorted also. Being in conflict with oneself is projected unto the world as conflict between nations, between religious, political and racial groups. The outcome of self-rejection is self-destructive and addictive behavior preventing our highest potential from manifesting in the world.

In this workshop we intend to carry the supreme practice of True Forgiveness, to the next and most challenging level which is that of True Self-Forgiveness. For a person fallen in the trap of self-rejection, it is easier to forgive someone, than to forgive themselves. The habit of self-punishment is very deeply ingrained in our culture through centuries of believing that one is born bad and that goodness is somewhere outside ourselves.

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