When faced with a hurt there are two roads to take: the forgiveness road or the road of holding on to the victim role: One choice empowers and the other condemns to a lifetime of bitterness, remorse and very uncomfortable limitations. Choosing the road of no forgiveness signifies choosing to remain stuck indefinitely in negative emotions of the worst kind; not only in this lifetime, but in the life of our family structure for generations to come. Until a courageous-high consciousness being incarnates in our family, capable of making the right choices, the situation of hurt will keep reappearing generation after generation.

The choice to forgive or ask for forgiveness, is one of the most difficult steps to make if we attempt to make it from the perspective of the limited victim or guilty ego. What is required is that we make the choice from the highest and unlimited perspective of our Original Mind-our transcendent, true nature consciousness.

In this stage of practice we develop the capacity to bring about true, unconditional forgiveness. A type of forgiveness or asking for forgiveness, that accelerates and empowers the process of personal and family evolution that is so urgently needed today.

True Forgiveness is a choice made from the highest consciousness possible, it cannot arise from an intellectual decision made by the limited ego. When someone is capable of attaining the state of True Forgiveness, a resonance effect is generated rippling through the whole family structure, past, present and future. But the effect is not limited to our families, the resonance affects all human beings stuck in the tight space of the victim role. It sets a precedent that is now open to anyone.

It is a contradiction to aim for the higher levels with a load of unresolved conflicts requiring forgiveness or asking for forgiveness. In all families of the world are plenty of precedents of injustice, falsely accusing others, abusing women and children, murder and betrayal. There are also plenty of curses which have been made in both directions, from our side of the family and from others towards us. All these are unresolved issues that keep us tied to the victims and to the aggressors. These are karmic issues that do not decay with time or because nobody remembers. Every action generates a reaction and every decisions carries its own karma. We ask for forgiveness and forgive, not only for ourselves, but on behalf of the whole family structure and our country that is the larger family we belong to.

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