The higher frequencies of compassion and sustained positive states are utilized at this level to harmonize the entire meridian system. In ordinary circumstances, the central channel is the only meridian where yin and yang interact generating Creative Energy. The rest of the meridian system is polarized as either yin or yang. In the third level of Harmonizing the Five Elements, Creative Energy is circulated through the whole meridian system rapidly raising the frequency of the energy body.

This level brings the practitioner to the very limits of the yang practices where personal effort and personal initiative are the sole driving force. The Creation doesn’t take place with yang perseverance only; the yin perseverance or receptive is also essential. Beyond the Harmonizing the Five Elements 3 begins the stage of receptivity where the quality of our previous actions begin to generate a reaction from the universe. This is the stage called ‘The Yin Practice’ and the theme of the I Ching hexagrams from 31 to 64.

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