The work with the structure that has been carried out up to this level has been done with static positions, either standing or seated. At this level we learn to put the structure in movement while maintaining the alignment and integrity cultivated in the previous levels.

The blending of earth and heavenly energies taking place through the bone structure is specifically the interacting of the two polarities which make life possible: yin and yang, negative and positive, female and male, flexible and firm.

The interaction of yin and yang results in a third force named ‘The Creative Energy’. All creation takes place through the Creative Energy. All the work with the structure we have carried up to this level has as a deeper purpose the welcoming of The Creative Energy.

Tai Chi consists of a series of slow movements done while maintaining alignment between heaven and earth. This is not limited to physical alignment, but most specially, alignment with the Creative Energy manifesting as a silent, clear mind. The movements increase the flow of Creative Energy. This skill in movement becomes the way we move in ordinary situations in life: aligned, centered, connected, grounded, full of purpose without effort and self-confident.

Tai Chi is the step which brings energy practices into the ordinary situations of our lives by the way we move and flow. Living and practice become one with a minimum of effort and striving.

The flowing movements of Tai Chi mirror the way we flow through situations in life.

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